Harvard University Hosts Anal Sex Workshop

Colleges and Universities often have occasional oddball classes and workshops on ‘unique’ and ‘interesting’ topics. Though, I’m pretty sure Harvard might have jumped the shark on their most recent offering.

Yes, that’s right, the esteemed Harvard University held an anal sex workshop earlier this week to much fanfare.

It wasn’t just Harvard University who was getting in on the naughty acts though, as it was unofficially ‘Sex Week’ at Ivy League schools, many of whom also participated with their own classes and workshops.

At one point the presenter leading the workshop passed out gloves and butt plugs to students as she offered instructions on anal relaxation techniques.

“Remember it’s all about practice, practice, practice,” said the presenter, Natasha, a representative of the Cambridge-based adult shop Good Vibrations.

Showing students a special medical-grade butt plug, she said “a local guy named Greg makes these—salt of the Earth!”

Identifying the event with the sexual positivity movement, Natasha said the goal was to “encourage people to go after their desires and not feel shame.”

“Come up front guys, were gonna have some dirty fun,” she said as the presentation began.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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