Hot Mom Catches Hotel Manager Watching Her Shower

They Offered Her A Free Night Stay As Compensation

When you check in to your hotel room, the last thing you’d expect is some perv peepin’ on you. But for one married woman, that’s exactly what happened.

Clare Day, a 27-year-old saleswoman was on vacation with her husband (who had already left the room) near Darlington when she decided to take a shower.

A few moments later, after jumping in the shower, Day looked out of her shower and that’s when she locked eyes with a man in the room – a man who was not her husband.

She immediately recognized the eyes from the man – the hotel manager – who had checked her and her husband in just a few hours prior.hotel-shower

As for the perp, he got off free and the resort offered Clare Day a free nights stay.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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