Hot Teacher Fired For Sending These Dirty Pics To Students

Remember the hot teacher fired for sending students dirty pictures? Yeah, she’s back in the headlines – this time though it’s news that she’ll never be allowed to teach in the state of New Jersey again.

32-year-old Nicole McDonough was arrested a few months back for hopping in the sack with at least three high school students (all of them were 18) and just a few weeks ago was indicted on three counts of official misconduct.

Given the ages of the students involved, the incident didn’t get too popular but after Bro Bible got ahold of these dirty pictures sent to the students, that might be changing…

Let’s start with some texts…

hot teacher text 1

And the pictures…



A single mother and former addict, Nicole McDonough was able to avoid jail time as part of her plea deal along with no longer being able to teach in New Jersey. Going to assume that banishment will extend beyond state lines as well.

If only her number wasn’t blocked out on that text conversation…

You know, for a friend and stuff.

H/T Bro Bible

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