Hot Train Conductor Who Took Sexy Pictures Got Railed By Her Employer

When train conductor Stephanie Katelnikoff decided to take some sexy pictures, which she posted to her Instagram, she probably didn’t think it was going to cost her a job.

But that’s exactly what it did.

CP Rail was none too happy when they came across Stephanie wearing little of nothing, though, they say it wasn’t her private photos that ended up in getting her fired. Nope, it was one, single picture. A photo that featured the train conductor stretching across from rail tie to rail tie on a bridge, which the company deemed inappropriate and unsafe.

The end result? Stephanie KateInikoff was fired.

But personally? We think she should have been promoted. I mean, hell, make her the official CP Rail spokeswoman. I don’t know what I’d ever need to do business with a rail company for, but I’m sure I could find a reason of Stephanie was in charge of things.

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Funny enough, this isn’t even the best train story we’ve heard over the last few weeks. No, that goes to the teacher who allowed students to ‘run a train on her’ in the middle of her classroom.

Choo, chooooooooooo.

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