Husband Catches Christian School Teacher Having Sex With Students In Their Bed

Remember earlier in the day when I said that there were no new teacher sex scandals today? Well, I was wrong. Real wrong.

And man, did we get hit with one heck of a doozy.

That’s because this sex scandal features a Christian school teacher who was not only sleeping with her students, but was caught in bed, having sex with said student by her husband.

Per CA:

That is largely explained by a court document stating that the week prior, Baber’s husband caught his wife and the boy having sex at their home. Go out on a limb and assume hubby’s the one who sent the email and photos. Unclear why he himself didn’t go directly to the cops, but chose to incite the boy’s father to do so.

At the time of the story breaking, the literature teacher at Logos Christian Academy had yet to be arrested, though that quickly changed once media attention grew.

That lead to Andrea Nicole Baber being charged with rape in addition to charges that included buying underage students booze and marijuana.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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