Man Learns The Hard Way Why You Never Body Shame Women On Social Media

Next time you think of body shaming a woman on social media, don’t.

Not only does it make you look like an asshole, but you might end up realizing you aren’t all that hot yourself.

That’s something a dude from South Africa learned the hard way after he posted the following meme:

He of course got completely destroyed by fellow Twitter users who just thought he was being a dick, but one reply stood out from the rest.

It was from the girl in the picture, who was being body shamed.

Somebody get that dude a toe tag. He dead.

Even celebrities like Arianna Grande started backing the woman who was shamed.

And in the most embarrassing way to save face, the dude then posted a meme of ‘Thick Leeyonce’ suggesting she was now ‘girlfriend goals’.

There’s a Dave Chapelle skit somewhere in this story, I just know it.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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