News Reporter Flashes Her Crotch While Sitting At Glass Desk

News Blooper Has Went Viral After Anchor Flashed Her Vagina

You ever notice that most news desks are made of wood? There are a couple reasons for that. First? They don’t have a glare. You certainly don’t want the TV camera picking up such. Second? They’re cheaper. Third? They’re not as difficult to clean. Fourth? They don’t show off your vagina.

Of course, there’s always the exception to the rule and TV channel TG 5 apparently wanted to be the poster child for such.

The end result was news reporter Costanza Calabrese flashing her crotch to the world through her glass news table.

For those that want to watch the video, it can’t be embedded so you’ll need to do that by clicking here.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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