Principle Fired After X-Rated Selfies Found On Her Work Computer

Good news? There’s no new teacher sex scandal today! Bad news? There is one involving a principal.

Meet Annie Seifullah, who is a principal at a New York middle school. Seifullah is currently suspended after selfies of herself and another co-worker were found on her work computer.

But the question begs – how did those selfies actually get on the computer? Most would assume the busty principal did so herself, but that’s not the case according to Annie who says the naughty selfies and text messages were planted on the computer by her ex-lover in a ‘revenge porn’ scenario.

Per The Sun:

Robert Sofia, a president of Robert F. Wagner Jr. Secondary School’s parent-teacher association, has denied her allegations.

She reportedly exchanged x-rated phone messages with a principal at a high school in The Bronx detailing alleged oral sex they engaged in at a school.

Seifullah denied accusations she engaged in sex at the school, and was not charged with it.

As for Annie, she denies the sexual encounter on school grounds ever took place:

“I lost everything and was publicly degraded because my ex-boyfriend used revenge porn to attack me,” said the divorced mother of a 7-year-old son.

“The Education Department should have protected and defended me. Instead, they spent the next three years stoning me in the public square.”

You can see some of the pictures after the jump below:

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