There Is A Real Life ‘Sex Island’ That Is Banned By The Government

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s….a sex island?

Crazy as it sounds, there’s an actual sex island that is banned by the local government.

The vacation package from ‘Good Girls Company’ (ironic name) takes 30 guests to an island off Catagena, Colombia where they can gorge themselves on alcohol, sex, prostitutes, and hard drugs.

They’ll have the option of staying in a ‘hotel’ or in a luxury yacht where the vacationers will have their choice of up to 16 hookers with whom they can do their thing.

The company released a promo video for YouTube, but it quickly was removed and that lead to the Colombian government investigating the island antics, which they’ve now banned. That hasn’t stopped vacationers though, as they company says they continue to operate ‘Sex Island’ and even have a very high profile British celebrity whom is among their top clients.

Feel like taking a trip to ‘Sex Island’?!

It’s not only going to cost you from a financial standpoint, but being they’ve yet to shut down operations, Colombia has threatened to deport any new guests.

H/T The Sun

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