Smallville Actress Allison Mack Is Accused Of Running A Sex Slave Cult

I never watched Smallville (and there’s probably a good chance you didn’t either), but I do know who Allison Mack is.

And apparently, there’s a pretty good reason as to why I haven’t seen the actress in any new films or movies in recent years.

According to The Sun, Allison Mack is allegedly second in command of a sex cult.

The Smallville star orders her “slaves” to sleep with cult leader Keith Raniere, starve themselves for 12 hours a day and hand over naked pictures every month…SMALLVILLE star Allison Mack has recruited as many as 25 women into the terrifying NXIVM slave cult, according to the group’s former publicist. The actress has allegedly been brainwashed by cult leader Keith Raniere to recruit “slaves” into a secretive cult where they are forcibly branded with her initials and ordered to follow her commands 24 hours a day, Frank Parlato told Sun Online. The cult is called DOS, believed to be short for “dominus obsequious sororium” – Latin for the “master over the slave women”, and is the dark side of so-called “self-help” group NXIVM, according to Parlato – who was the first to lift the the lid on the cult’s sordid activities on his website The Frank Report. In one shocking email seen by Sun Online, slaves are told to fast for 12 hours a day, take cold showers and perform a “daily act to honour” their master. The email tells followers they must refrain from eating for “12 hours from the last time you have anything other than water w. lemon or black tea w. lemon + honey (sparkling water is ok)”.

I mean, what the hell.

There’s also a video of Allison Mack making the rounds which shows the former actress clearly in some brainwashed state.

And here I thought Canada was all maple syrup and hockey.

Yikes. Somebody get this girl some help.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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