Teacher Allegedly Had Sex With High School Basketball Team

It’s not very often that you see a woman coaching a boy’s high school team, but that wasn’t the case at Gooding High School in Idaho where former college basketball standout  Ann Kuroki took on such a role.

Unfortunately for Kuroki, the position was short lived after rumors began to swirl that she had sex with members of the JV basketball team.

Per the Independent:

Police reportedly arrested 26-year-old Ann Kuroki Friday night, after a short investigation that began Wednesday.

The authorities launched that investigation after they received a tip that Ms Kuroki had a physical relationship with a male students at the Gooding, Idaho, high school

Ms Kuroki is now the subject of an internal investigation being conducted by the Gooding School District, which terminated her contract Thursday morning, according to reports.

She had previously worked for the district as a so-called “at will” employee, even though police in the town referred to her as a teacher there.

The 26-year-old reportedly coached the boys junior varsity basketball team while still employed by the district.

I’d be a pretty big asshole for making a basketball pun right now, wouldn’t I!?

At least she didn’t have sex with the entire football team, like this lady:

Hot California Dentist Has Sex With High School Football Team

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