Teacher Caught Banging Student During Prom By Fellow Student

Well That’ll Be A Night He’ll Never Forget

Prom night is one high school students remember for the rest of their lives. And that statement will certainly hold true for not only for one student in France, but his teacher as well after the two were busted having sex. Even crazier? They were found out by another student who just so happened to be walking by.

Per The Mirror:

A French teacher and devout Christian is accused of having been caught in bed with a pupil during a school prom night.

Isabelle Graham was caught by a sixth form student lying in a Travelodge bed with another pupil , a hearing has heard.

The hearing was shown a photograph of the room which, it is alleged, shows the teacher in bed and the pupiil standing near the door.

The teacher, who was not present or represented at the Edinburgh hearing, denies the charges and claims to have no recollection of events after 10.30pm, having drunk four glasses of wine.

Mrs Graham – who was engaged at the time of the incident and is now married – resigned from her position at Whitburn Academy after the allegations came to light.

Well, at least she wasn’t the teacher who let her class run a train on her

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