Busty Teacher Fails All Male Students For Refusing To Have Sex With Her

She Ended Up With A 40-Year Prison Sentence

If it seems like there is a new teacher sex scandal on a daily basis, that’s because there is. But this one might take the cake when it comes to the oddest of the bunch. That’s because a teacher has allegedly threatened her entire class with failure if the male students refuse to have sex with her.

It all went down in Colombia where the teacher, only known as ‘Yokasta M’ was arrested and given 40-years in prison once authorities figured out her plan to have sex with her male students.

According to Channel 4 of Nicaragua, the teacher hand-picked the boys she wanted in her class and was caught sending them naughty text and picture messages before being arrested.

The married teacher was also hit with divorce papers while awaiting her 40-year jail sentence.

You can check out some of her pictures below:

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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