Tomi Lahren Allegedly Kicked And Abused Her Dog

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click here You probably didn’t need any additional reasons to dislike Tomi Lahren, but in case you did, you should probably check out one of her most recent social media offerings.

The much-hated political pundit posted a video of her dog, in which Lahren could be heard in the background giving a play-by-play of what she says she did to her animal, stating she kicked her five times during a ‘Fox and Friends’ appearance because she was ‘chewing her bone too loud’.

TMZ posted the video and eventually caught up with Tomi Lahren, who playfully laughed off the idea that she would actually kick her dog and hinted she was just ‘joking’ about the incident.

For those who haven’t seen the video of Tomi Lahren suggesting she abused her dog:

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