Tomi Lahren Not Racist Because She ‘Likes Sex With Black Guys’ According To Friend

Ah yes, the not-so-lovely Tomi Lahren, who might be the internet’s best troll.

She certainly knows how to make waves, including rumors of being potentially racist. But an alleged ‘friend’ of the political pundit says the blonde conservative can’t be racist because she ‘likes to date black guys’.

Silly as it sounds, it all went down on Tomi Lahren’s Facebook page during Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address where Lahren’s alleged buddy not only defended her from alleged racist accusations but also her choice in music.

Per BSO:

Tomi’s Facebook page – one of her friends came to DEFEND her.

One of Tomi’s friends took to social media to DEFEND her against claims that she’s a racist.

The woman – who took to Tomi’s Facebook page – declared “Tomi’s not racist, I know her and she likes to date Black guys. Not exclusively, but you know what I mean.”

The controversial conservative commentator received criticism a few weeks back, after uploading a video of her singing along to 21 Savage’s “Bank Account.” Liking rap music and black penis does not automatically disqualify you from being a racist or bigot.

This of course isn’t the first time rumors of Tomi being racist have surfaced, as she addressed the point earlier this month with a rather questionable tweet:

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