Woman Goes On Facebook Rant After Man Refuses To Accept Sex As Payment To Buy His Truck

Next time you put your car or truck up for sale, you probably want to specify that you aren’t interested in sex as a payment method.

Otherwise, you might end up with a disgruntled customer who tries to call you out on Facebook.

Of course, you can turn things around real quick like if you tell everybody on social media that she tried to buy the truck using sex as her form of payment.

Long story short, this girl decided she needed a new ride.

She didn’t really want to spend any cash, so she offered up what she deemed to be the next best thing – her vagina.

Homeboy was having no part of it and eventually got the cash he needed, but she wasn’t happy that the truck started having mechanical problems no long after.

A Facebook fight ensued and well, this was the hilarious aftermath.

I’m almost inclined to believe her, mostly because people who write ‘sux’ are either 7-years-old or named ‘Weebler’ and live in the holler.

H/T Mr. Technical Difficult

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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