Woman Sends Man Naked Pictures Because Of His ‘Magic Pillow’ (Photo)

David Blaine Would Be So Proud Of Lil Homie

Next time you decide to ask some girl you’re crushing on for nudes, I suggest you do it in a creative way. It might just work.

That’s what one dude found out after he decided to use a ‘magic pillow’ in his request.

Essentially, it’s one of those pillows that you can write on and it reveals a message when you rub it correctly.

And yes, we’re still talking about the pillow.

Here was his message:

Like I said, it worked pretty fantastically.

And the dude was even kind enough to share the chick’s nude picture to the interweb (something she probably wasn’t expecting).

Though, we’re all grateful for it and damn was she busty.

Check out the picture after the jump:

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