Is That A Hickey On Britney Spears Boobs? (Photo)

I’m not going to lie – we kinda miss Britney Spears here at Guy Hut. Captain did a feature on the singer over the weekend and now we’re about to do another.That’s because the singer took to her Instagram to show off a picture of her motherly skills, but it’s something else that caught the eye of many.

Britney Spears’ boobs. And not just her boobs, but rather the mark on it.

Is that a hickey on her boobs? Maybe. Possibly. Probably not, but there’s most certainly a mark there – likely a bruise. But maybe somebody was having some fun and sucked a little too hard.

Why they were licking there makes it seems rather unlikely, but I’m not going to miss a chance to show a picture of Britney Spears boobs. And you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to look at them.

Sleepy Sunday night beautiful world

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