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Alexia Vosse

She might be a new face to some, but people are quickly taking notice of Alexia Vosse (formerly known as Payton West) who’s not only extremely easy on the eyes but shares an equally beautiful personality.

From playing video games like Grand Theft Auto in her spare time to rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, it’s evident that Alexia Vosse is the type of lady that has men non-stop drooling.

Thankfully, after I was able to wipe up my own drool (we didn’t want her to slip, of course) Alexia was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions in her Guy Hut Interview. But before you get to reading, check out some amazing Alexia Vosse pictures to get things started off. And if you’re going to drool, clean up before you leave….

Guy Hut: Starting with the basics – what has Alexia Vosse’s attention at the moment – what are some of your current guilty pleasures like TV and music? Who are you listening to and and what type of stuff are you watching on TV/Netflix?

Alexia Vosse: Right now I am LOVING Grimm it is on NBC Friday nights! It comes back on the 20th and I simply cannot wait. Music – I have been feeling a lot of Dubstep/EDM music. I have two 15-in JL subwoofers in my trunk so i love music with bass! Right now my favorite songs would be “Look at where we are” by Hot Chip. “Wishin” by Rittz. “Highway” by Berner. “The Mechanism of Control” by Nit Grit… I bet these are mostly unheard of artist but I think they deserve more recognition.

GH: Cooking is a past time of yours – what’s your favorite meal/dish to prepare?

AV: I enjoy baking sweets – I have a recipe that is to die for. Sometimes when I get photoshoots in LA I like to bring some for the crew. Its a great way to get people to fall in love with you! I also love to BBQ outside lol Right now I have been stuck on my salsa that is a family recipe. I really love making everything. I used to post my food pictures on my old instagram, I guess with my new instagram I forgot that tradition. My favorite meal to prepare would be any type of mexican food; besides sweets of course!

GH: If you could have dinner with three people, past or present, who would they be and why?


– Russell Martin – I have had a crush on him forever! He is just the best catcher, but only when he is not throwing the ball way over the second base mens head lol
– The Owner of Rockstar Games – So I can ask him to please fix the bug that is not letting me into my apts or garages on GTA 5, Sorry its been like 3 months lol
– Christy Mack – Beyond the fact that I think she is gorgeous but she just seems like a great person and friend.

GH: You worked at Disneyland briefly, correct? I know you can’t go into much depth about that given their absurdly tight contracts, but how was that experience? Ever come across anybody getting naughty at the Most Magical Place on Earth? Those dark rides are notorious….

AV: Correct, I have never caught anyone but I did get caught which is why I was fired lol I still have Disney stock though. Prices just went up too hehe

GH: Tell us about your tattoos – do you have one that sticks out as your favorite? Or do they all hold an equal meaning?

AV: I do love some of my tattoos. I have a few that will be covered up or will be removed. I am in love with my left sleeve right now but my right arm still needs some work. I have yet decided on what I wish to do with the lower half but I’m waiting for my artist to come back from Europe. Its going to be another month or two before that arm gets some work. I will probably change the butterfly on my back too.

GH: If you weren’t in the adult industry, what do you think you’d be doing? Would it be something with animals since you love pets?

AV: I actually am doing something with pets right now, I volunteer at different places all over so cal in my free time. I think the lifestyle I lead will always have animals at the top of my list. I also like to help privately funded non-kill shelters just because I think every life counts no matter the size.

GH: Directing is something you’ve mentioned you want to do previously. What are some things you’ll bring to the table in that regard? What will make Alexia Vosse directed movies unique?

AV: My ideas and the amount of creativity that is locked up in my head. Even when I was doing girl/girl for the two years I did it I mainly worked with a small studio and he would just love the ideas I came up with and the scenes were rated amazingly! I have started to write some of my ideas down. I recently found out that a company is producing a “John Wick” movie, Seriously I have some great ideas!!

GH: Being on set so often, there’s likely some oddities that have occurred. Give us a strange/odd/funny story that has happened to you while working. Or even something that happened while off set.

AV: Well it was off set but still work related… So far on my flights to and from Vegas I have ran into 7 girls at the airport!! Its like the pornstar meeting place!!

GH: Being a Southern California native, you’re a big Los Angeles Dodgers fan – do you think they’ll have a good season this year? Do you think their offseason moves will be enough to take out the San Francisco Giants?

AV: LOVE the Dodgers, I think every year we have the potential to be the World Champs. The Giants and I feel the Phillys are always going to be a tough battle but as long as we sweep and sweep hard the vibe will be unstoppable and BOOM *World Champs!!*

GH: Any other sports teams/players that you root for outside of the Dodgers?

AV: As I said a few questions up about the whole dinner thing 🙂 Russell Martin, He is a Toronto Blue Jay now. I have had a crush on that man since he first came from the minors to the majors with the Dodgers in 2005 I believe. After his hip injury in 2010 he signed with the Yankees then went on to the Pirates before being traded to the Blue Jays! I just think he’s a stud muffin!

GH: What’s the most frustrating thing about your job? People making stupid assumptions because apparently porn stars aren’t real people with feelings?

AV: I honestly do not really care what other people feel if its negative. I live my life for me and thats it! lol but to me the most frustrating thing about this job is when you are waiting for all of the details on the confirmed shoot! The traveling somethings can be a downer too but the reward and experience is worth it all.

GH: Judging from your Twitter profile, it looks like you like to play video games, specifically Grand Theft Auto 5. Are you a total bad ass online, destroying everything and everybody in your wake? Who’s your favorite character to play with in the story mode – Michael, Trevor or Franklin?

AV: HAHAHHAHA i am playing GTA right now! I have been locked out of my apt and garbage for over 3 months now and with the new Heist going on I really want in but I can’t without being able to get into my garage when it is linked with my social acct. Sometimes I like to be stealthy and sometimes I am trying to blow up building or stunt off of them! Michael, for sure since when he meets his wife she is a stripper!! lol I think that is kinda hot!

GH: Traveling is something close to your heart – are there any places you haven’t visited yet that are on your bucket list? What’s your favorite vacation spot?

AV: There is! My mother and I have been talking about going to French Polynesia, St Maartens, St. Barts, Palau, Cook Island, and especially Seychelles. My favorite vacation spot so far is Clearwater Beach, FL. I feel like I just can not get enough of that place. I almost moved there instead of moving back to California; but due to my grandma’s health and for work I choose to come back to California.

GH: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given and what is something you can’t live without? (other than air, water and food – and yeah, I totally snuck two questions in there.

AV: Slick lol – Best Advice I have ever been given… Probably “Shut up and Smile”. Something i couldn’t live without; My animals for sure. I know it may sound weird but they are 100% apart of my family. O did I mention I named my dog after Russell Martin?? LOL

GH: Tell us what’s next for the beautiful Alexia Vosse.

AV: Whats next for me? Hopefully more scenes which I really enjoy! Maybe Anal one day heheh I hope to start feature dancing in a couple of months. I have started to talk Pole Fitness & Dancing classes and I have learned some amazing tricks I cannot wait to show off! I am even thinking about getting a pole put in my house to practice at home. I also hope to start building contacts within the industry and I can really start showing off what I am made of!

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