Guy Hut Interview – Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane Interview

There are only a few names more popular on the internet than that of this woman.

From her stunning looks to her candy sweet personality, Jesse Jane is one of the most wonderful people you’ll ever come across. She’s also quite the sports fan as you’ve likely seen her at a handful of NBA, NFL, NHL and college football games in recent years, especially when it comes to the Oklahoma Sooners and OKC Thunder.

We here at Guy Hut sat down with the beautiful Jesse Jane where she talked to us about her favorite sports teams, her celebrity crush, boxing talents and much more.

But before we get to the Jesse Jane interview, here are a few pictures of the Oklahoma native:


Guy Hut: Tell us some of your current guilty pleasures in music, TV, movies and/or books.

Jesse Jane: I love the going to the movies as it’s my favorite thing to go do. I love rock music too – I’m a rocker chic.

GH: If you were a Disney princess, who would you be and why?

JJ: Cinderella because I’m the girl that will turn into the swan because I’m so nice.

GH: What’s your favorite holiday?

JJ: 4th of July.

GH: Would you rather go on a beach vacation or to a snowy mountain cabin retreat?

JJ: The beach. I like to be warm and wear little clothing as possible.

GH: What’s your favorite place to travel and is there any place that’s on your bucket list?

JJ: I love Bora Bora. It’s so beautiful and I love Paris. It always sweeps me off my feet and makes me feel happy.

GH: What was your last dream about?!

JJ: Getting it on with Angelina Jolie.

GH: You’re a big fan of basketball, especially the OKC Thunder. Do you think they’ll turn things around next season when healthy?

JJ: Yes when we get KD back we will be strong again.

GH: Is Kevin Durant staying with the Thunder come free agency?

JJ: He’s going to stay. He better!!!!!

GH: What about the Sooners? Do you think they’ll compete for a National Championship this season?

JJ: I’m a die hard Boomer Sooner fan and this year we will be good!!!

GH: Any other favorite teams/players in any sports or is it all about Oklahoma, all the time?

JJ: I love Dallas Cowboys and the LA Kings as well.

GH: Any special hidden talents?

JJ: I can box. I have a mean hook.

GH: Tell us one thing about Jesse Jane that most people wouldn’t know.

JJ: I’m a big dork that likes to have fun and would do anything for anyone.

GH: As mentioned above, you’re pretty good in the boxing ring and could totally kick my ass. Think you could give Mike Tyson a run for his money?

JJ: Lol I highly doubt it, lets just be honest.

GH: If you could have dinner with any three people, past or present, who would they be and why?

JJ: Marilyn Monroe because she’s an icon, Angelina Jolie because I’m obsessed with her and Channing Tatum because he’s so hot.

GH: If there was a historical event or time in history you could attend, what would it be?

JJ: Watching Babe Ruth play baseball that would be rad even though it’s not really historical.

GH: You have three wishes – what are you asking for?

JJ: For my son and niece to be happy and have everything in life , solve world violence and hunger, and to do it with Angelina Jolie.

GH: If you weren’t in the industry, what do you think you’d be doing?

JJ: I would be a weather girl.

Keep up with Jesse Jane by following her social media profiles:

Twitter: @JesseJane

Instagram: SexyJesseJ


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