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Assuming today isn’t your first time on the internet, you’ve probably come across Taylor Stevens on your virtual travels. Perhaps you didn’t even know it at first, but that beautiful lady who just dropped your jaw was the beautiful Tay.

One of Canada’s most amazing exports, Taylor sat down with us here at Guy Hut and showed us why she’s so popular. From the sweetheart personality to her hilarious sense of humor and beautiful looks, Taylor Stevens is the complete package.

Before you check out Taylor Stevens Guy Hut Interview, I highly suggest a quick pit stop at the pictures below. But please, control yourself. I don’t have enough money or time to clean up all of your drool.

Guy Hut: Starting with the basics – what are some of your current guilty pleasures? Who are you listening to music wise and what are you watching on TV?

Taylor Stevens: Hiya! Well I do have a ton of guilty pleasures lol. Listening to music wise Drake, Nicki, Biggie, I love hip hop so Ill always be listening to that, however, music for me is therapy. There is a song for every moment and every mood. I love to listen to new music, old music just something that gets me feeling some type of way. As far as TV well when I get the opportunity to watch tv, which is tough I usually only get an hour or so to myself at the end of the day I’m def watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Orange Is The New Black, Better Call Saul, Damages – oh my I could go on forever on this topic lol. I do watch and indulge in reality tv of course lol.

GH: You’ve experienced a lot of fun things during your career but what’s one thing you’ve yet to do that is on your bucket list?

TS: There are a lot of things on my bucket list I usually just set a goal and get to it lol. Career wise I’m happy and I’m doing everything I want to be doing. As far as my bucket list for non career related things I can’t wait to travel more. I’d love to see Thailand and Borabora and just almost every part of the world I’d like to be in it. I have a travel bug. I’d also like to visit back home. I was born and raised in Canada but my ethnicity is Palestinian and I haven’t been since I was a 6 years old. So a trip to the homeland is a definite must.

GH: Let’s go with the typical standard question here – if you could have dinner with three people, past or present, who would they be and why?

TS: This one is easy 1. My dad (he died when I was 6). I’d love to bring him back and sit and just talk endlessly about life and everything I’ve been through since he left. 2. Bill Belichick, as you all know I am a HUGE Patriots fan and he is an absolute genius and I would love love to sit and get in his head for a bit. 3. Well this one is simple.. a Normal guy lol (I am not having luck with dates lately)

GH: We know you love your Toronto Maple Leafs and New England Patriots, but are there any other teams that you root for? I know you made a lot of San Francisco Giants fans happy (including myself) when you posed in their jersey. I’m pretty sure the reason they’ve won three World Series’ in five years is all because of you and that jersey. Talk about inspiration.

TS: Lol that’s too funny, I could never credit the talent of a world series winning team to me :). The truth is im a HUGE sports fan and sports bettor. I grew up with 3 older brothers so I love ALL sports – tennis, curling you name it ill bet on it. I love a good game and that shoot was a custom shoot done for a Giants fan. Im so glad they won though they deserved it ! So for me I root for the team on my ticket. But my heart will always start in Toronto – Leafs, Jays, Raptors you name it.

GH: While you’ve had some wonderful things happen to you during your life and career, you’ve also dealt with some extreme difficulties like your public battle with cancer. What’s some advice you’d give to somebody else in similar shoes? And what is something you’ve taken away as a life lesson from that?

TS: It most definitely was never ever easy. I worked hard for every thing I’ve achieved and am currently achieving. Nothing good comes easy. When I was going through cancer and chemotherapy, radiation etc I had to remember that I am one of the strongest most strong willed people I know and I love a good fight. So I fought that cancer and I beat it! Yay! My advice to anyone would be to NEVER give up on your dreams, never give up fighting for what you want and most importantly never forget who you are and what makes you, you. Its easy to get lost and get down but it’s important to pick ourselves up and keep going. Have a strong will and you can do anything you set your mind to.

GH: If you weren’t in the industry, what do you think you’d be doing? Would you have followed through with your Criminology degree? Or would you have found a different love? Perhaps work with animals?

TS: I love this industry its so hard to think back to when I wanted to be in the criminology and criminal justice field and not be where I am now, because I am so truly passionate about my career now. I think if i wasnt in the industry I would def be an attorney or a corrections officer. As I lost weight I grew to love cooking and I think I would become a chef as I am a huge foodie. As far as animals go I love them. I have two doggies my little yorkie pinky and my shih tzu shaggy. I have worked with animals in the past but it was hard as I worked for an animal rescue shelter and it was really hard to rescue mistreated animals and not get to beat the crap out of the person that did that to them. I am middle eastern I have a temper and I can’t stand the thought of innocent animals being hurt.

GH: You’ve met Nicki Minaj before, who is seemingly obsessed with boobs (smart girl). What was her reaction when she first saw you? And did you have to perform CPR in your sexy nurse costume to revive her? Oh wait, scratch the last part, that was just part of my fantasy.

TS: Lol you’re too much hahah. Nicki was amazing. I was going through a really tough time with my cancer then and I was just so happy to meet her. She loved my boobies but what the best part was is that she had the same fun personality as me we just joked around she felt me up it was all good lol. And thank you – I do have a sexy nurse outfit lol and perhaps I’ll have to perform CPR on you one day 😉

GH: The world of webcamming is pretty cluttered. Outside of the obvious, what do you feel separates you from the rest of the pack? And yes, “I’m super sweet and hilarious” is a completely accurate and acceptable answer.

TS: Your right, however, I got into the industry when it wasn’t so cluttered and I feel that what separates me is my personality, what I’ ve been through, the fact that I am always real what you see is what you get. I’m the same person off cam and on cam and I genuinely care about my fans so so much. They arent just “members” they are friends who have been there for me. I think my openness and that I share everything with the world even in the darkest times lets them know that I’m a real person just like them. I also do amazingly fun boobie bouncing shows that are full of energy. Oh and also that “I’m super sweet and hilarious” LOL. I’m unique, period.

GH: Not only are you a huge sports fan, you’re also a total bad ass at the betting table. How badly would you destroy me? I’m assuming the answer would be enough to go crying to my Mother.

TS: Well let’s have a heads up session and we shall see. ( I will warn you though I live in Vegas as well, so watch out lol). My dad used to take me to the tracks when I was little and I used to watch him play cards and you may get distracted by my cleavage lol. Lets just say may the best bouncy blonde win.

GH: Okay, dish the dirt Taylor, give us your view on Deflategate. Typical people being jealous of the Patriots success?

TS: Superbowl Champs. Four Rings. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick = WINNING. Let the haters hate. I would go on but then we would be here for days. #byehaters lol

GH: What’s the most frustrating thing about your job? People making stupid assumptions? Answering stupid interview questions for some sports website? I mean, wait, what?

TS: LOL ! I love doing interviews, I’ve done so many sports interviews esp after the LA Kings Deboer incidents lol. I love letting the world know about me. This is me – I want you to know about me. I’m proud of who I am. Look, I put myself in the public eye, I’m subject to judgement. The most frustrating thing not just in my industry is judgement. Everyone wants to judge you and they dont even know you. I’m thankful that I’ve had so many world wide platforms to show people I’m not just a blonde with big boobs. Ive conquered obesity, I’ve been through cancer,
I’ve survived it. There’s so much more to me then meets the eye. I figure, their loss.

GH: Your first thought when you heard there was an erotic novel about Rob Gronkowski? BTW, if you’re sensing any resentment on my part, it’s because I’m still a little bent out of shape Gronk beat me out as the subject of that book.

TS: LOL, well there can always be another erotic novel. My first thought was it’s GRONK OF COURSE HE DID!! I love that guy reminds me of the male version of me, just fun spontaneous silly I love it !!

GH: In addition to being sweet, beautiful and funny, you’re also a pretty good cook, right? What are some of your favorite things to whip up in the kitchen? As if you didn’t have us men eating out of your hands enough already, you go for the ultimate – the stomach! You could take over the world, woman.

TS: Ahhh you know my secret. Firstly, thank you for the compliments! Yes I am a really great cook but it didn’t start that way. Back in 2006 I was 300lbs, I lost 180lbs in 13 months thru a low carb high protein diet and 3 hours of exercise a day. Believe it or not the Food Network was my therapy so I would watch it religiously thinking of ways to cook good and healthy and most people thought it would make me CRAVE food but it actually got me through my cravings! So watching almost every show on the Food Network, reading almost every book on diet and nutrition. I learned a lot and hey practice makes perfect. Believe it or not I do own a book called “how to boil water” lol it teaches you the kitchen basics. Now all i want to do is cook lol.

GH: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given and what is something you can’t live without? (other than air, water and food – and yeah, I totally snuck two questions in there. Slick)

TS: The best advice ive ever been given was to ALWAYS be myself at all costs. Stay true to who I am and BE HAPPY ! I cant live without my doggies, Louboutins and the NFL network LOL.

GH: Did you put the cap back on your toothpaste last night?

TS: OMG NO ! LOL I’m so bad at that!

GH: Tell us what’s next for the beautiful Taylor Stevens.

TS: There are so many things coming. Ive been shooting for my website taystevens.com like CRAZY ! I’ve been writing a lot ( stay tuned) and focusing on a LOT of new projects. I like to keep you all on your toes. I will also be attending all the Exxxotica events because I LOVE meeting my fans so follow my schedule for that. I will be doing daily and nightly shows LIVE on my personal webcam @ www.playwithtay.com and of course you get your FREE link @ www.camwithtay.com. If you don’t know now you do that I am a total twitter a holic I am always tweeting @www.twitter.com/taystevens and since my previous instagram got deleted cause they are assholes lol My new instagram is www.instagram.com/taystevens2. There is a lot in store in the next year I cant wait!!

I’m also super excited to announce that not only did I just receive top honors for my accomplishments in the webcam industry awards @ adultwebamawards.com but I was asked to be both lead organizer and host !! I’m super excited because I’ve been saying for a long time that cam girls need to get more recognition in this industry ! It’ll be an amazing event for cam girls it’s something I’m super passionate about ! Anyone wanting any information can contact me @ Taylor@adultwebcamconference.com ! Kicking ass and taking names lol 

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