Interested in working with Guy Hut?! Great news as we have some open positions to fill.

If any of these interest you, make sure to contact us below.

News Writer: Love viral and trending stories? Breaking news? If so, this is for you. Simply put your own spin on whatever topics you love, be it sports, technology, music, viral content and more.

Columnist: If you love writing but don’t want to deal with the spontaneous nature of being a news writer, than a columnist position is for you. Much like the news writer, the topics are up to you, but this option gives you the ability to write more in-depth posts.

Featured Models: Interested in being featured on the site? Nothing beats free promotion, right?

Social Media Coordinator: If you’re well versed in social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, we want to hear from you.

Tips: Have something juicy in your back pocket? Send it our way!

    (e-mail currently not working, please contact us via DM on Twitter)