Jaw Dropping Jennifer Lopez Video Has 5 Million Views In One Day

JLO Really Knows The Art Of A Viral Video

It’s safe to say when Jennifer Lopez does something, she does it in a grand fashion.

So it only makes sense that her new Instagram video has upwards of 5 million views in less than a day.

Now what’s so special about this Jennifer Lopez video, you ask?

Well, on the surface it’s not all that intriguing as it’s just JLo rehershing for her upcoming (and revamped) Las Vegas residency.

But let’s just say there’s a lot of T&A involved in the video, which made it go super viral:

Brushin' it up before show tomorrow!!! See you there!! #allihave #jlovegas2017 #fewchanges #newtingzz

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Written by Frank White

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