Jessica Simpson Spilled Out Of Her Dress After New Boob Job?

Remember when Jessica Simpson busted onto the scene back in the day? And when we say busted, we mean it.

Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were running the music industry, but out of nowhere this Texas blonde with boobs the size of her home state emerged.

I’m not sure Simpson has had the career of the other two, but she’s still been able to hold her own and has been out and about showing off her absurdly large boobs recently. Some on the internet have even suggested she had a boob job.

It’s hard to know if she actually had a true boob job or if she simply had a lift (assuming she had anything done), but we know one thing – she’s happy to flaunt them.

Simpson recently said she lost over 50 pounds, though, suggested all of the weight she lost went to her boobs and butt.

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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