Instagram Sensation Juli Annee Getting Boob Job


For months little was known about Juli.Annee, the San Diego based model who was lighting up Instagram. But after she was profiled as Sports Illustrated‘s Lovely Lady Of The Day, Julianne Kissinger became somewhat of a household name – at least in regards to hot Instagram ladies.

But the next time you see Juli Annee, she might look a little different.

That’s because the leggy model announced she would be having a boob job.

Actually, the boob job has apparently already been completed and now she’s in a recovery phase.

Cant wait to get my boobs done on Wednesday ?

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Julianne is in good hands after her surgery, thankfully, as her girlfriend – the stunning Lyna Perez – is taking care of her.

You might remember Lyna Perez from her infamous viral video where she struggled to pull up her booty shorts or from her hot lesbian kiss with Kissinger.

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Written by Frank White

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