Katya Elise Henry Dressed Up As A Naughty Dora The Explorer

Just when you thought Madison Ivy’s sexy girl scout costume couldn’t be topped, here comes Instagram model and all-around stunner Katya Elise Henry.

You all probably remember Katya from this absurdly hot viral video that made the rounds a few months ago.

Needless to say, the personal trainer is back looking hot as ever in her Halloween costume which was an absurdly sexy version of Dora The Explorer.

I mean, sweet Jesus in a cornfield. Pretty sure she was giving out free heart attacks along with candy when she opened her door for trick-or-treat.

Of course, now that you’re here, we can’t let you leave empty handed so enjoy a few more goodies from Katya Elise Henry’s Instagram:

it’s looking like nap o’clock 😴 – – 📷 @sneaky.mitch

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The Katya Legging… coming soon 😈

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I know I'm ur favorite

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🍯 got me hooked on yooouu

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