Khloë Terae Celebrated 2 Million Instagram Followers In The Sexiest Of Ways

What’s a girl to do when she bypasses the 2 million follower mark on Instagram? Celebrate, of course. And how is she going to celebrate, you ask? Well, if it’s Khloë Terae she’s going to post some absurdly hot and sexy pictures.

Granted, that’s what she does all the time, but you can’t really get enough of Khloe Terae, can you? That’s like complaining about too many puppies or too much money. You can never have enough of a good thing and Khloe Terae is most definitely a great thing.

And as for that 2 million Instagram follower celebration? You can see that below – but make sure you wire that jaw shut, because it’s going to hit the floor….

Tokyo, Japan 2018 #comingsoon #disneyland @sixty6mag x @partylikejzl x @cristinapilo

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Beyond excited to be a Model Ambassador in Vegas for @worldwidecovermodelinc this weekend!!! It’s going to be an amazing event with the industry’s top professionals! Photography by the incredible @brianbhayes_photo Worldwide Cover Model (WCM) is a photography and modeling event specifically designed to elevate the careers of Fashion and Glamour photographers and models as well as to help educate others by networking with top industry professionals. The event is scheduled for October 26th to 30th 2017 at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. WCM was conceived by top glamour photographer Brian B. Hayes who teamed up with public relations expert Jerry Shandrew of Shandrew PR and Sid Siddiqui of Mancave Media,Llc to make it a reality. Brian and Jerry, together have 20 years each working with magazines to publish hundreds of models in the span of their careers. Sid brings in years of publishing experience as editor-in-chief of Mancave magazine. The WCM team with their vast network of industry professionals has arranged for the attendance of agents and managers who can be instrumental in the success of a model’s career. WCM is a fantastic opportunity to meet the people one on one who can move careers forward. WCM guest agent representatives will be signing guaranteed modeling contracts with selected models for agencies in New York, LA, Miami, Milan, and Tokyo. The WCM Models and photographers will have the opportunity to shoot Glamour and Fashion photo shoots under the guidance of renowned photographers Brian B. Hayes and John Russo. Models will not only get amazing photos but will have the opportunity to win a guaranteed fashion or glamour magazine covers teaming up with selected photographers in our program. WCM models will be selected to win thousands of dollars in bookings for ad campaigns from specific product sponsored companies. WCM is not an event that singles out only one winner but enables the success of many models and photographers.

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C a l i f o r n i a D r e a m i n g ☀️ @TropicPic

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not your typical trailer trash 🗑

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And even better? There’s a 2018 Khloe Terae calendar available now, so you can have your favorite hockey fan on your wall all year long.

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