Kylie Jenner Accidentally Flashed Her Goods In Snapchat Video

Thirst Trapping At Its Finest From The Kardashian Crew

Another day, another opportunity for the Kardashian/Jenner crew to do something ‘crazy’ to stay relevant. Case in point, here we have Kylie Jenner accidentally flashing her nip in a Snapchat video.

This comes just days after Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, ‘accidentally’ walked around New York without a bra and showed off her kibbles and bits for the world to see.

As for the Kylie Jenner Snapchat video, the on-again, off-again girlfriend of rapper Tyga was playing with her shirt and seemingly pulled it down a little too far as noted by The Mirror:

The reality star was wearing a flimsy black vest underneath her top, and it barely kept her covered as she sang along in the racy Snapchat clip.

Kylie pouted for the camera and almost showed off her boobs in the video, just about managing to protect her modesty and avoid showing too much to her followers in the revealing outfit.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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