Sexy Laura Lux Had The Best Clap Back To Internet Bullies Trying To Body Shame

I don’t get the internet. At all. I mean, Laura Lux is beautiful. Gorgeous. Jaw dropping. And even if she wasn’t, that certainly doesn’t give assholes merit to try and shame her.

Yet, that’s exactly what those pricks did.

Lux posted a picture to her social media accounts, looking fantastic as always, but some keyboard warriors decided they’d attempt to troll the model with some rather nasty and vile comments.

This was the picture Laura posted:

Absolutely drool worthy, right?

But here comes the U.S.S. Dickhead, complete with all the Captain Assholes ready to inject their stupidity on the internet.

I mean, are these motherfuckers blind? Laura looks fantastic. Period.

Some people don’t deserve the internet.

And in typical Laura Lux fashion, she threw up the middle fingers to the haters and did this:

Like you needed any additional reasons to love Laura Lux.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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