Mariah Carey Takes Topless Bubble Bath Selfie (Photo)

The Singer Gets Naked In Her Bathroom For The World To See

I guess we haven’t talked about Mariah Carey enough in recent weeks because the pop singer decided to post a naked bubble bath selfie to her Instagram late Friday night.

Carey, who loves her some attention, decided to take at least one of the pictures on her own (given the selfie positioning) which featured Mariah wearing nothing but her birthday suit. It’s almost as if she wanted to give off the vibe they were leaked. Of course, there were some strategically placed bubbles along the way, but she was more than happy to show off a serious amount of cleavage in the photo.

It wasn’t the only naked Mariah Carey picture posted either as MC showed off more of a full body shot rather than just a topless picture, but again, bubbles had to ruin the adventure.

Still, we wouldn’t be opposed to Mariah posted more topless and naked pictures moving forward.

Also, not sure how she’s getting past the Instagram filters here, but hopefully it continues to work in our favor.

Bubbly times selfie 🛀🏼❤️✨😂

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Just got home after a long night at the studio!!!!! New music coming soon yayyyyyy

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The topless Mariah Carey pictures apparently came from her residency in Las Vegas as the following picture, posted almost immediately after the naked Mariah Carey pictures was captioned with a Vegas hashtag.

♠️🎲 #vegasbaby

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