Mariah Carey Upskirt Flashed Her Fiblits

Mariah Carey

Remember when Mariah Carey was only focused on singing thanks to her crazy music executive ex-husband? And then remember the glory we were all witnesses to when Carey divorced said husband and started hanging out with Puff Daddy and the Family? Yeah, those were great times – mostly because Mariah Carey often forgot her clothing. But since she became a mother, she’s kept her clothing on for the most part.

Though paparazzi cameras did happen to catch a Mariah Carey upskirt which a lot of people on the internet seemed to enjoy.

And frankly, when have you ever not liked a fiblits picture? Your answer should be never.

#MariahCarey showing them cakes!

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That has to be a pretty insanely short dress in the first place for that to happen, though the fact the camera took the photo from below the staircase only enhanced things. And granted, we can pretty much see Mariah Carey like this on a weekly basis considering she can’t stay off the beach, but alas, we’ll take it.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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