Mia Khalifa Tried To Slide In Baker Mayfield’s DM’s And Got Rejected

Meet Baker Mayfield’s Girlfriend Morgan Mayberry

When it comes to sliding in the DM’s, few are more popular than that of former porn star Mia Khalifa. I mean, I’m not sure if there’s an athlete out there who hasn’t tried to slide in her inbox. And if they have, she’s been more than happy to expose them.

But perhaps a little role reversal today?

That’s because Mia Khalifa, playfully, tried to slide in the DM box of Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield.

You’d assume he’d go the route of Chad Kelly, but apparently not, after he rejected Mia’s efforts. In fact, Baker Mayfield even went as far as to block her.

Perhaps the funniest part though, was Baker Mayfield’s girlfriend making him post that he was happy with his girl to the world. Uh, allegedly, of course.

Oh surrrreee, yeah, that was totally all Baker. Some hot former porn star tries to flirt with you and that’s your response?

Of course, Baker Mayfield’s girlfriend, Morgan Mayberry, is pretty damn hot herself, so we can’t really hate.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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