Mia Khalifa And Britt McHenry Get Into Epic Twitter War

I think it’s safe to say that both Mia Khalifa and Britt McHenry are highly qualified Twitter trolls. The difference? One of them embraces it. The other? She likes to pretend as if she’s not living out a political version of the WWE on social media.

And you know that had to make for a pretty good fight when the two finally collided and butted heads.

Khalifa, the now retired porn star, is no stranger to causing waves on social media. Though, we really didn’t expect her to get into it with the former ESPN reporter turned political pundit. But once she did? We had our popcorn in hand.

And what topic sparked the Twitter beef, you ask? Net neutrality, of course.

Oh, it gets better. Much better.



Mia Khalifa had no problem keeping her tweets up, but Britt McHenry decided to delete her conversation history just a few minutes after calling the former FSU porn star’s video career ‘disgusting’, to which we’d like to object.

This of course was just one of multiple Twitter wars that the former ESPN reporter found herself in this week, as she also decided to fight with Craig Sager’s daughter – on the one year anniversary of his death.

Stay classy.

Written by Frank White

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