Olivia Munn Shows Off Revealing ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Psylocke Costume

Olivia Munn X-Men

If you aren’t a Green Bay Packers fan, you probably didn’t need any additional reasons to loathe Aaron Rodgers as he’s certainly destroyed your favorite football team at least once. Now he’s back to shatter your dreams of putting Olivia Munn in the pretzel, because the dude is living the life. Just check out this hot picture of Olivia Munn showing off her ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Psylocke costume.

I mean, Olivia Munn needs lube just to wear it. No, seriously, the actress told Conan the only way she could fit inside the Psylocke costume was to cover herself in lube.

And you thought the best thing you were going to think about all day was Olivia Munn in her X-Men costume.

See ya in 3 months. ⚔💜 5-27-16 #xmen #apocalypse

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