Oregon State Library Porn Star Poses Naked For Playboy (Photo)

Kendra Sunderland Library Girl

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antibiotic amoxicillin Say what you will about Kendra Sunderland, the girl who got naked in the Oregon State library.

Commonly referred to as the Oregon State library porn star, Sunderland has become an instant overnight celebrity and has self marketed herself into a spread for Playboy. Yes, you read that correctly, the Oregon State library porn star is working alongside Playboy Magazine.

So your normal, every day girl goes to the library, hits record and diddles herslef in a public place. Now she’s making bank with a feature in Playboy and her already massive popularity will only soar higher.

America people, don’t you love it?

In all seriousness though, you have to give Kendra Sunderland some massive credit. The girl is a marketing genius and could probably be working at a top advertising agency if she decided to keep her clothes on. But what fun is that? Keep doing your thing Kendra and we’ll keep watching.

You can check out the pizza boy rejection video from the Oregon State porn star here along with Kendra Sunderland offering up nudes for Twitter retweets.

This girl is just too awesome for words.

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Written by Frank White

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