Bag Of Autographed Jose Fernandez Baseballs Washes Ashore In Miami

Signed Jose Fernandez Baseballs Are Found On Miami Beach

As if the Jose Fernandez death couldn’t get any more tragic, especially after chilling text messages were released this morning, more devastating news is leaking out of South Beach.

That’s because a bag full of autographed Jose Fernandez baseballs washed ashore in Miami on Tuesday morning.

Per USA Today:

While the entire baseball community is mourning Jose Fernandez’s tragic death, an investigation is underway as city officials look to determine what led to the crash that took the lives of Fernandez and two friends.

On Monday, a beachgoer in Miami discovered an eerie reminder of the life cut short. According to WSVN TV, a bag containing four Jose Fernandez autographed baseballs and Fernandez’s checkbook washed ashore.

Here is a picture of said bag:

The bag was found about a mile from the accident scene.

As to why Jose Fernandez would have a bag of signed balls, it’s not uncommon for athletes – especially baseball players – to carry a handful with them to give children, etc.

A Florida Wildlife and Game official quickly commented on the bag of autographed Jose Fernandez baseballs found on the beach:

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