Dee Gordon Crying As He Hits Home Run In Marlins First At Bat Since Jose Fernandez’s Death

Marlins Infield Cries After Hitting His First Home Run Of The Season

Dee Gordon, second baseman of the Miami Marlins and son of former Boston Red Sox closer Tom ‘Flash’ Gordon has played parts of six Major League seasons. In that time, the 160 lb leadoff hitter has amassed eight home runs.

He now has nine after hitting a home run in the Marlins first at bat after the death of star pitcher Jose Fernandez.

While many on the Marlins roster were extremely close to Jose Fernandez, few were closer than Gordon who was among the most visually shaken upon learning of Fernandez’s death on Sunday.

Gordon can be seen crying as he rounds the base on his first home run of the season.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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