Kendra Lust Calls Out Kansas City Royals GM For Saying Porn Is ‘Bad’

XXX Star Puts The Baseball Team On Blast

You might recall, yesterday Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore suggested that porn was ‘bad’ for baseball players.

The long tenured GM listed multiple reasons as to why he thought adult films were a negative influence on his team, who at their current pace are flirting with an all-time terrible offense.

But Guy Hut favorite and jaw dropper Kendra Lust was having none of it, putting Moore’s absurd reasons for hating porn on blast.

Per TMZ:

In all honesty, I think that porn helps keep people’s relationships healthy,” Lust says.

“It helps keep [people] safe from maybe going out and being unfaithful to their spouse … it helped my life a lot.”

Lust slams Moore’s insinuation that porn is dangerous like booze and drugs as a “cop out” — and says he needs to support it … instead of demonizing it.

Perhaps if Dayton Moore spent more time worrying about his woeful roster, he wouldn’t be facing such backlash.

I mean, hell, some of us like scoring – unlike the Royals.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

/shows self out

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