Pitcher Flips Off Batter During Pitch; Strikes Him Out (Video)

It’s A Real-Life Kenny Powers From Eastbound And Down

Baseball in the Mexican League might not exactly be how it was depicted on Eastbound and Down, but…

Well, actually, it is. And the league even has their own Kenny Powers – or at least somebody that acts like him.

That’s because this pitcher from the Mexican league, unhappy with the man at the plate, decided to let his feelings be known by flipping off the batter mid-pitch.

Even more hilarious? He struck him out moments later.

That takes some serious balls. Sure, you’re risking a potential ass kicking but more than that, your pride and ego are on display for all to see. What happens if you flip the dude off and he singles off you? Hell, what if he hits one out of the park? You might as well just walk yourself out of the stadium.

Alas, it was the boss pitcher with the final laugh here.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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