Ariana Grande Wears See-Thru Bikini In Side To Side Music Video

Might Be The First Time Nicki Minaj Was Completely Overlooked

Remember when we were told that Ariana Grande was essentially the updated version of Mariah Carey circa 1992? All voice and no sexy? Yeah, those days are long gone. Not that we’re upset about that or anything because the pint-sized pop singer is looking mighty fine. She even wore a see-through bikini in her ‘Side To Side’ music video featuring Nicki Minaj.

Granted, it wasn’t the prototypical see thru outfit as it took some squinting. Heck, it doesn’t even come across very well in pictures but watch the video where Minaj and Grande are in the sauna and you can certainly see some different color shades through her suit – not to mention some pokies making their debut as well.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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