Man Tries To Attack Britney Spears And Runs On Stage At Vegas Concert

Britney Spears Attacked – Crazed Fan Rushes Stage In Las Vegas

It was another typical night for Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency, until it wasn’t, thanks to a crazed fan.

Midway through the show, as Britney Spears had just finished a remix of ‘Crazy’, she asked the audience if they were ‘having fun’. Before she could get a response from the excited crowd though, a gasp hushed over the Planet Hollywood arena as a man rushed on stage.

Spears, unsure of what was going on, began to ask if everything and everybody was okay as the crazed fan was tackled to the ground.

Security then rushed Britney Spears off the stage.

While difficult to see in the above videos, it appears as if the fan was originally taken to the ground by some of Britney Spears’ dancers before security could arrest him.

Thankfully, Britney wasn’t hurt physically though understandably she was likely mentally shaken despite returning to the stage to finish her set.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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