Where To Buy The RIP Taylor Swift Shirt

You Can Now Purchase The RIP Taylor Swift Shirt That Was Not Worn By Kanye West

A few days ago somebody had a fantastic idea to photoshop an RIP Taylor Swift shirt on Kanye West.

Today, somebody else had a better idea to SELL that shirt which has taken over the internet.

So you’re probably wondering where you can buy the RIP Taylor Swift shirt, right? No worries as we have you covered.

The good folks over at Jerry’s World decided to actually put the RIP Taylor Swift t-shirt into production and my guess is that it’s selling like hot cakes.

Many assumed the shirt worn by West was real – which would have been absolutely hilarious if true.

For those that don’t understand the significance, the RIP Taylor Swift shirt is of playing off the whole Kim Kardashian – Taylor Swift – Kanye West beef that resulted in Kim K posting the leaked Taylor Swift video on Snapchat all but suggesting she is a liar and a fraud.

I’m not sure I’d go that far as Kanye West wasn’t exactly the most truthful during the phone call, but regardless, there is certainly some animosity between the three.

There’s also some animosity between myself and my brain for not thinking of selling the Taylor Swift tee before anybody else.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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