Jermaine Dupri Says Notorious BIG Tried To Shoot And Kill Lil’ Kim

For all intensive purposes, you’d assume the relationship between the Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Kim was all love. And you’d be right. I think.

Kim of course was not only Biggie’s protegee, but was also part of the reason he and his wife – Faith Evans – ended up getting a divorce due to his infidelity.

But apparently, the two had their issues which almost lead to Biggie killing Lil’ Kim.

That’s the word from hip-hop legend and So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri, who told Drink Champs the insane story.

According to JD, he and Usher were in the studio alongside Lil’ Kim and the Notorious B.I.G. working on the ‘My Way’ album.

As he would often do, Biggie wrote Lil’ Kim’s rap (for the song ‘Just Like Me’) and asked her to go in the booth to lay down the vocal track. She opted against such, because, as stated by Dupri, Biggie had sex with Kim’s sister Nessa Jones.

Refusing to speak to him, Biggie and Kim went into a hallway of the studio where the two began to violently argue. Dupri, who had followed them out of the studio moments later, then said the Notorious B.I.G. asked his friend (and eventual Kim bodyguard), Suif ‘C-Gutta’ Jackson for his gun so he could shoot Kim.

It all sounds a little over the top and almost more like a figure of speech to represent how angry Smalls was with Kim, but once you hear Jermaine Dupri tell the story it’s clear there may have been more serious intentions.

(starts at the 22:00 mark)

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