Justin Bieber Runs Away From MS-13 Gang Member (Video)

I’m pretty sure Justin Bieber thinks he’s a bad ass. Well, most of the time, that is.

There’s always an exception to the rule, like when an MS-13 gang member tries to say what’s up.

And that’s exactly what went down in a not-so glamorous part of Hollywood over the weekend when Justin Bieber and his on-again, off-again, now back on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez hit up a local swap meet. Because hey, that’s what celebrity mutli-millionaire couples do, right? Spend their afternoon at a flea market in a dangerous, drug and crime infested part of Los Angeles.

Anyway, the gang member saw Justin Bieber shopping and pulled out his phone, saying what’s up to the ‘Baby’ singer.

Bieber clearly wasn’t thrilled at being spotted, to which the man recording was respectful of – at least initially.

But as he continued, it apparently scared Justin and Selena off as the two ran away (literally) as the man continued to shout at them.

H/T Fameolous

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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