Pop Singer Accidentally Tells EXPLICIT Sex Story On Hot Mic

Pop Star Leigh-Anne Pinnock Of Little Mix Talking About Anal Sex During Live Stream

I’m guessing the next time Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock wants to talk about sex, she’ll make sure she’s not around a mic.

Unfortunately for the pop music starlet, it’s a case of too little, too late as a hot mic caught the star of the British girl group talking about anal sex to her fellow band members during a fan live stream.

Thinking the stream was done, Leigh-Anne Pinnock leaned in to chat with another member of the girl group and that’s when things got a little naughty…

The other girls then started to laugh as Perrie said: “Wow, you know, I’ve just thought of something as well.”

Jade joined in, telling them: “I know what you’re thinking!”

Jesy didn’t get the joke however, so asked Leigh-Anne to whisper it in her ear.
Hiding her face in Jesy’s hair, she leant in and whispered: “Anal”

But unfortunately the microphone directly above Leigh-Anne’s head captured everything.

Perrie quickly realized the mic and said: “Babe, you know there’s a microphone right above your head?”

Leigh-Anne looked horrified and replied: “No, no, he didn’t hear me!”

But, unfortunately for her, the microphone did.

Oh, we heard you. Loud and clear.

You can watch the girls talk about their anal sex life by clicking here.

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Written by Frank White

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