Mouth Watering Rihanna Video Has 4 Million Views In One Day

Beyonce might be the Queen, but it seems as if Rihanna has taken the crown today.

Just hours after Beyonce released this very hot commercial for an upcoming clothing line, Rihanna did her one better by releasing the music video for ‘Kiss It Better’ which very well might be the naughtiest RiRi video we’ve seen.

And considering her last big music video release, that’s saying something.

Unlike a lot of other popular Rihanna videos though, this was shot in completely black and white and has a very minimalist feel to it – other than Rihanna lacking clothing. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s pretty minimal as well.

The ‘Kiss It Better’ video was directed by Craig McDean, who is known for making some ineradicable viral videos and ‘Kiss It Better’ is no different.

In fact, the video amassed over a four million views on YouTube in a matter of days since it was uploaded.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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