Watch: CeeLo Severely Injured By Exploding Cell Phone (Video)

The Voice Coach Allegedly Injured After Phone Blows Up In His Face

I’m not sure if CeeLo Green was using a Samsung phone in the below video, but if so, the cell phone maker might be facing another round of problems. That’s because there is security cam footage making the rounds which suggests the former Goodie Mob member was chilling in his music studio, talking on his phone when it exploded against his face.

Here’s a video of Ceelo injured by his exploding cell phone:

There’s been no confirmation from the ‘rappers’ camp to suggest it actually is Ceelo, though it certainly looks like ‘F**k You’ singer.

The condition of the man in the exploding video is currently not known, though you have to assume there were some pretty significant burns to the face considering the video.

Per the Instagram caption:

Exclusive!! #Ceelogreen Is Injured When Cell Phone Explodes In His Face!!!! Security Camera Footage from a recording studio where Ceelo green was working. His phone starts smoking then you see the phone explode and Ceelo collapses to the floor! Hope he’s ok! #studio #cellphoneNo official word has been released on the validity of the explosion, the severity of the injuries, or which cell phone brand CeeLo was using. In light of the Samsung malfunctions, it is possible that this incident is valid. If so, whichever companies manufactured and distributed this cell phone could have major product liability blame. #Samsung #Tmobile #Verizon #ATT ? Real or fake? #prayforceelo

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