Busty Ava Addams Supporting Houston Rockets In NBA Playoffs (Photo)

Ava Adams

The Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers have given us some solid matchups during their NBA Playoffs series, but so far it’s seemingly been the Clippers who’ve been bringing out the popular fans.

That’s not exactly shocking given their Hollywood ties, but possibly tired of seeing all the well known Clipper fans getting love, the beautiful Ava Addams decided to put her favorite team on the map thanks to a couple of Instagram photos.

A Texas native, Ava Addams proudly supported her favorite basketball team by putting on some very tight Houston Rockets gear for all to see and we most certainly loved the result.

New glasses #HoustonRockets

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Good morning . Reppin the home town team #HoustonRockets beat the clippers . Never liked them anyways !

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ava Addams wearing some sports clothing as we’ve also seen her rocking some Houston Texans gear in the past.

Of course, being this is a post about Ava Addams, we can’t not give you a little show, right? So enjoy some of the sights below:

Good Morning! Happy #SundayFunday

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Oh hey 🙂

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My basketball team didn’t even make the playoffs, so I don’t care who wins. But if we get more Ava Addams pictures if the Houston Rockets advance in the NBA Playoffs, I might have to start rooting for Clutch City.

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