Beyonce Wearing James Harden Houston Rockets Jersey (Photo)

While Jay Z has no problem repping his hometown Brooklyn Nets – an NBA franchise he once had an ownership stake in – his wife Beyonce isn’t going to share the love.

Sure, she’ll do the wife thing and support Hov’s Nets when in New York, but as a Houston native, Beyonce is going to make sure to rep her favorite team – the Houston Rockets.

That’s exactly what Queen Bey did recently when she took the stage during a Tidal event wearing what could only be described as a James Harden bodysuit.

Beyonce, who is fashioned by her mother (MTV tells me such) took a normal Houston Rockets jersey, bedazzled the James Harden part of it and then turned it into an extremely form fitting and tight outfit.

As you might recall, it wasn’t that long ago that Beyonce did the same thing with a Chicago Bulls jersey in honor of Derrick Rose in the Nicki Minaj ‘Feelin’ Myself‘ music video, which nearly broke the internet.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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