Porn Star Kendra Lust Calls Skip Bayless An ‘Idiot’

You probably don’t need any additional reasons to love porn star Kendra Lust, but I’m going to give you one.

Immediately after Gordon Hayward suffered what looked to be a possible career ending injury during the Boston Celtics opening night game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, uber sports troll Skip Bayless took to Twitter where he continued his onslaught against LeBron James.

As usual, it was completely irrelevant and pointless, but Bayless ruffled quite a few feathers with his comments.

That lead to Kendra Lust calling the former ESPN and current FS1 host out on his stupidity.

Just when you thought Kendra Lust couldn’t be anymore awesome, she puts Skip Bayless on blast.


Frank White

Written by Frank White

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